What Does Site Guiding Service Mean?
The site guiding service expresses giving the necessary information to the persons/groups who visit the Site in order to provide visitor administration at the Historical Site, and also states the visitor guiding activity.

Who Renders the Site Guiding Service?
Natural persons who fulfil the conditions in accordance with the 26.03.2017 dated Gallipoli Historic Site Guiding Service issued in the Official Gazette and the Regulations of the Procedures and Principles Regarding Site Guides, those who have the site guiding license and carry the same year’s tax label render the site guiding service.

What is the Base Pay of Site Guiding?
The base pay fare of the Site guides within the Gallipoli Historic Site Guiding Services and the 1st paragraph of the 17th article of the Regulations of the Procedures and Principles Regarding Site Guides are defined by the Ministry upon the offer by the Directorate. In accordance with the provisions of the repeating 298th article of the 4/1/1961 dated and 213 issued Tax Procedure Law, the base pay fare is increased in December at the latest not lesser than the revaluation rate evaluated and announced is announced annually in the web site of the Directorate in order to take effect from the beginning of the following year.

Tours for 12+1 and Less: 230 TL
Tours for more than 12+1: 380 TL

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