Çanakkale historical site invites you to explore an important part of history. While the sites on the Gallipoli Peninsula reveal the painful and heroic memories of the war, the historical and cultural fabric of Turkey awaits you.


Create a suitable route to discover the history of Çanakkale, experience its deep-rooted spirit and visit its places of interest.
If you have a day in Çanakkale, you can consider a suggested day trip route and visit important historical sites in this historical region full of heroic stories.
If you have two days in Çanakkale, you can visit important historical sites and learn the story of one of Turkey's most important wars, the Battle of Gallipoli.
If you have three days in Çanakkale, you can go deep into the Gallipoli Peninsula to discover the history of the Gallipoli War and witness the stories of heroism.


Discover beautiful landscapes and historical sites integrated with nature in Çanakkale.

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