Ariburnu Hiking Route

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A new walking route called the Arıburnu Walking Route was added to the walking routes in the Historic Site with the ideal of We Defended it Step by Step, We Walk Step by Step. Starting from the Shrapnel Valley Cemetery in the Anzac Cove area, the route starts from Cesarettepe-Mehmet Çavuş Monument-Temsili 57th Infantry Regiment Martyrdom in the central part of the Turkish front line in Arıburnu. Infantry Regiment Martyrdom line, ending at the Lone Pino-Çakaldere section over Kanlısırt and including the foreign cemeteries in this region, it also aims to provide visitors with detailed information about both the Turkish side and the Anzac side and to make the visitors within the walking route experience the struggles that these lands have been won as a result of the struggles from the front line. The total length of the trail is 7 km. The terrain includes valleys and hills rising immediately from the coastline, as well as offering our visitors the opportunity to travel in a natural environment. At the same time, the fact that the walking path was built without damaging the nature, without pouring a single concrete and in accordance with the natural texture of the area makes the Arıburnu Hiking Route an example for both national and international similar walking paths.